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Bed&Breakfast&Bathrobes Termas-da-Azenha, Portugal presented:

Uniques pieces

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We have had a Bed & Breakfast in Portugal since the year 2000, and we have now added a B.

he third B is from Bathrobe.
 Termas-da-Azenha is the first and only B&B&B in the world

Why the B for Bathrobe?

It seems like a logical step. When hosting guests, you find that the basics are a nice room, a good bed, and a comfortable bathrobe. Add to that my passion for beautiful fabrics – and there you are: bathrobes and kimonos.Since 2020, we know all too well what it is like to be at home a lot and/or to work from home.

It has its pres and its cons.

The pre is of course that you don’t have to suit up for work and wearing beautiful but uncomfortable shoes. The con may be that you can hardly get out of your pajamas, and because of that you start to feel sleezy.

You feel different in baggy pajamas or sweats than in a cheerful, beautifully made kimono. It’s that simple, right? You sit differently in your Zoom, you open the door differently.

It makes you more confident.

Here are more reasons to purchase a beautiful bathrobe or colourful kimono:

If you travel a lot, having your kimono or bathrobe can be nice. We have special thin ones that you can roll up very easily and that do not wrinkle.

Why a bathrobe or kimono?

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