Made in Portugal

How & what about a tailored robe

The Termas Mosaic robe is always made to special order and custom. Lined with fleece or a lighter fabric – to your liking.

A bathrobe or kimono is obviously already comfortable so why bespoke, would you say?

Well, there are people who are a bit thicker, thinner, taller, shorter than the average. And there are also people with special wishes.

For a tailored robe, we need your measurements. There’s only a few of them, and you can see how it’s done here. And if you have your own fabric that you would love to have processed into a robe, click here. Because that’s also a service we provide.

Does that take a long time, making a robe?

If we take a week before shipping, then we definitely need a week to make the robe. So count on at least 2 weeks.