Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term, more of a philosophy really. While we in the West believe that youth, perfection, flawlessness are most important, wabi-sabi thinks you should respect the imperfect, the unheroic, and the age of things.

Wabi-sabi states that things get more beautiful the more they bear the marks of their age. It makes them unique

(This applies not only to things, but also to people…! )

That doesn’t mean you get a crooked coat with a long and a short sleeve – don’t worry. It still has to be aesthetic and beautiful. We put this into practice by, for example, making a combination of not so obvious fabrics, and when the robe is ready, sewing a tiny patch on it somewhere.

That’s what the Zen Buddhists did to make their clothes. When their coat turned out all right, they sewed a small patch on it. That’s how it was wabi-sabi – unique garments in a special style.

If you have a fabric or a combination of fabrics that you would like turned into a kimono / bathrobe – this concept is ideal for that!